February 2017, 16 organizations signed the Spanish REFRESH Platform Framework for Action showing their commitment to fight against food waste over the next 2 years.

The Framework for Action

The last meeting of the platform was held in September 2016 at the CREDA-UPC-IRTA headquarters in Castelldefels (Barcelona) where the basic lines of the Framework for Action were agreed. This document shows the commitment of the organizations on food waste reduction by means of the promotion of specific measures along the food chain in Spain.
Specifically, through the Framework of Action, the organizations commit themselves:

  • to develop and report to the platform prevention activities throughout the year.
  • to present support for the 3-4 pilot projects to be developed over the next 2 years.
  • to disseminate the objectives and values of REFRESH.

The signatory organizations

As of February 2017, the 16 organizations participating in the second meeting of the Spanish REFRESH Platform have already ratified with their official signature the Framework for Action and started their journey as members of the EU REFRESH project. The signatory organizations are:

  • ACES: retailer’s association
  • AECOC: Manufacturers and distributors association
  • Waste Agency of Catalonia: institution
  • Metropolitan Area of Barcelona: institution
  • ASEDAS: retailers and distributor association
  • Barcelona Food Bank: NGO – social charity
  • COAG: producers association
  • Espigoladors: social innovation enterprise
  • FCAC: producers association
  • Gastrofira: big events catering service
  • HISPACOOP: consumers association
  • Mercabarna: Wholesaler Central Market
  • Nutrición Sin Fronteras: NGO
  • PACKNET: packaging business
  • Plataforma Aprovechemos los Alimentos: NGO

Next steps

In 2017 the 3rd meeting of the platform will take place.  Participants will have the opportunity to know the latest scientific advances of REFRESH and pilot projects; as well as to share within all member their own innovations to reduce food waste.