The REFRESH Pilot Working Platform in Germany brought together representatives from the food industry, retail and ministries at the national level as well as civil society organizations. They discussed the status quo on food waste and food waste policy in Germany and developed a Framework for Action.

Contact: Nora Brüggemann, Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)

A series of Case Studies from Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary and Spain. Deliverable D2.4.

A suite of case studies from across the EU, demonstrating actions to reduce food losses and waste.

Four years of common work - despite the imminent official end of the EU research project REFRESH in June 2019, the final meeting of the members of the German REFRESH Steering Committee was characterized by a relaxed, trusting atmosphere and an optimistic view into the future.

A voluntary agreement is a proven method for tackling food waste. By working together to achieve collective goals, organisations can collaborate and deliver change in the most efficient, effective way. Using practical examples from the REFRESH national programs, as well as WRAP’s UK success including Courtauld 2025, this guide outlines the steps necessary for building successful voluntary agreements.

By early summer 2018, almost 900 PENNY trainees had been trained on reducing food waste as part of a REFRESH pilot project in Germany. Now the German food retailer PENNY and the CSCP wanted to know: To what extent is the topic still present among the trainees months after the training? Was it worth the effort? And would it make sense to repeat the training with new trainees? 

Member survey collects 201 activities against food waste

The German REFRESH Steering Committee (SC) met for its seventh meeting on 8 November 2018 in Wuppertal. Seventeen representatives from various companies and institutions discussed own activities, European and German political developments and the future of the committee.

Open exchange shows: Continuity of measurement is key

Eighteen Steering Committee (SC) members met on 11 April 2018 for the sixth meeting of the German REFRESH national platform to continue the discussions on data collection, own activities and pilot projects.

Constructive discussions at 5th meeting of German PWP

On 11 October 2017, thirteen representatives of the German REFRESH Steering Committee (SC) met for their fifth meeting in Wuppertal to discuss data collection, activities and pilot projects.

In April 2017 agreement was reached with the German retailer PENNY to conduct an employee training programme as first German REFRESH pilot project.

In July 2017, REFRESH reached out to consumers in its four pilot countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Hungary) to complete a survey on food and drink products. The purpose of the research is to investigate different contents and formats of on-pack information and their effect on consumer understanding and food waste behaviours in these four EU member states. The results of the survey will be disseminated towards the end of 2017.

First baseline results and concrete pilot projects discussed

The German PWP proceeds as planned: Thirteen representatives from retail, industry, NGO, science and associations came together on April 6 to discuss the aggregated findings of individual baseline activities as well as next steps for pilot projects.

Since its last “Steering Committee” meeting on 6 October 2016 the German Pilot Working Platform (PWP) started to take action. Member companies initiated individual baseline activities with first insights expected in April 2017. Furthermore, the PWP discussed the priority areas for Germany and how these could be addressed through targeted interventions.

REFRESH business engagement gets off the ground. The third meeting of the German Pilot Working Platform (PWP) took place on 06/10/2016 at the CSCP’s premises in Wuppertal. Representatives from retail, the food industry, ministries at federal and national level as well as civil society organizations agreed upon five priority topics to tackle with a number of collaborative projects from 2017 on.

REFRESH has the objective to bring together different stakeholders from all stages of the production and supply chain and to lead them closer towards the goal of reducing food waste and loss. This will be implemented through effective measures, especially those that do not stem from legal necessities. The Framework for Action guides cooperation within the German Business Engagement Steering Committee (German National Platform).

In the 2nd meeting of the German Business Engagement Steering Committee meeting, the participating organizations finalized the Framework for Action (FA) to combat food waste across the whole value chain. With this document we have an excellent basis to define projects to reduce food waste at the relevant food value chain stages.

On February 2, 2016, fourteen organisations joined the first Pilot Working Platform meeting in Wuppertal, Germany.