In September 2017 the Life Cycle Management Conference was held in Luxembourg. REFRESH partner BOKU chaired and contributed to the Food Waste session, which was visited by his royal highness Prince Louis.

The Grand Duke and his son, Prince Louis, attended the closing session of the International Conference on Life Cycle Management in Luxembourg. Before that Prince Louis was part of the session "Food waste management (sector) in a circular economy" which was chaired by Refresh Partner Nicole Unger (BOKU), where he also actively contributed to the discussion.

Nicole Unger: "It was an honour to welcome his royal highness in our session and it was a pleasure to see his interest in this topic".

The compliance with the protocol and the adaption of the organisation of the session, because of the unexpected visitors, was highly exciting and in combination with the valuable contributions of the speakers from food waste reduction to mitigate global warming (outcomes of FUSIONS presented by Silvia Scherhaufer of BOKU) to the valorisation of food waste made the session an unforgettable event.