Press Release: Food waste innovators wanted!

REFRESH, a European project on food waste, has launched its Food Waste Solution Contest and is looking for the freshest ideas to tackle food waste across Europe. The contest aims to highlight and support solutions to food waste and food packaging waste at any part(s) of the food chain.

We want to support your innovative food waste ideas!

Across Europe, people are developing and implementing innovative solutions to the problem of food waste. The REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest wants to bring much-deserved recognition to these ideas and encourage their spread. Anyone from Europe that has developed a food waste innovation - including individuals, organisations, start-ups and large companies – is encouraged to submit a video or visual essay about their project. The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2016.

Watch the Call for Submissions

Jury Members include prominent food waste leaders

  • Tristram Stuart: Founder Feedback and Toast Ale Ltd, Ashoka Fellow, 12.3 Champion
  • Anne-Laure Gassin: Policy officer, European Commission, DG SANTE
  • Ignacio Gavilan: Director, Sustainability, Consumer Goods Forum
  • Dr. Hilke Bos-Brouwers: Senior Researcher, Wageningen University FBR

Winners will be chosen by the jury and the public

The jury will select two winners and there will be an additional public award winner. Winners will receive prizes, including the opportunity to participate in a Food Waste Innovation incubator hosted by Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network as a side event of the REFRESH Conference in Berlin in Spring 2017.

Full information about the Food Waste Solution Contest:

Submission Form:

Tristram Stuart, REFRESH Jury member

The fight against food waste has truly become a movement. As founder of Feedback, I'm proud to be part of the REFRESH Contest to give food waste projects the boost they deserve to grow their impact and tackle this global problem together.