As part of REFRESH we are reaching out to capture information for an up-to-date overview of current and best practice commercial examples of re-using or re-processing food sector by-products and wastes. Please contribute knowledge and contacts to the survey by 31 October 2017! Contributing to this survey supports the wider objectives of REFRESH for an efficient and sustainable use of non-preventable food sector by-products.

Please help us gather further information on current valorisation best practices by responding to our online survey! Start the online survey!

Food chain by-products and wastes

REFRESH experts have identified a list of the most promising food industry by-products for ‘valorisation’. Current uses of these by-products have been identified but defining best practice is challenging. REFRESH will build models to evaluate this.

Identifying best practice

We would like you to help by identifying companies that utilise these by-products, with processes you consider are new or best practice approaches.

Please help us to identify:

  • food companies that actively re-process by-products (in collaboration or as a part of their own business)
  • dedicated re-processers of food by-products

Why are we asking for your help?

A comprehensive and up-to-date list is beneficial for understanding and sharing best practices across the EU. The work package team would like to consult as far and as wide as possible to access networks and industry sources across the EU to capture as many examples as possible.

What next?

Information from the questionnaire will contribute to a list of companies relating to the top 20 food chain by-products. The resulting list of companies will be assessed and a sample will be contacted, where possible/acceptable, to seek basic information and to validate any best practice approaches.

What benefit is this to the companies?

Companies contributing information for further assessment may wish to benefit from our independent environmental assessment. This may be used to help promote their products where these contribute to a more environmentally sustainable value chain.